Invite friends to earn your cash reward


£5 for you, £5 for your friends

Our rewards are simple.

All you need to do is refer our products to a friend. If they make a purchase and decide to keep the product, both you and your friend will each receive £5 cash.

The more friends you refer, the more money you earn.

How can I refer a friend?

Once you make a purchase, you will be presented with a pop up box on the Thank You page. You can use this to tell your friends about our referral offers. They will receive an email and, upon making a purchase, the reward period will begin.

Terms and Conditions

A “Successful Referral” can be defined as follows:

  1. When the referred friend spends a minimum of £39.
  2. When the referred friend keeps the product for longer than our 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

After this, the cash reward will be triggered and we can present you with your reward. The reward for a Successful Referral is £5 for the advocate and £5 for the friend. There is no limit on the amount of rewards, on the basis the referred friend meets the above criteria of “Successful Referral”. The reward can be begin on a friend’s first purchase.

Participants who refer their friends must be an existing customer, be 18 or over and reside within the UK.

Customers must not create multiple accounts for the purpose of “gaming” the referral process.