Office Posture Pack

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Office Posture Pack

£139.96 £139.96
  • Contains Our Most Popular Office Posture Products
  • Including: Backboard, Posture Stand, Posture Cushion
  • Bundle Savings = £20
  • Creates the perfect ergonomic work station
If you're looking to improve your posture whilst your work then this is the bundle for you! A selection of our best work space posture improving products, you can now have the ultimate ergonomic workstation with our Office Posture Pack. This bundle gives you award winning products at amazing value, saving you £20 when bought together in this pack.
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Office Posture Pack

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    With the average person working 48 hours a week, it's no wonder they get aches and pains from sitting down, hunched over at their computers all day. Do this from 30 years and it's pretty much a guarantee that you'll have a bad back at some point in your life. Although that doesn't have to be the case!

    Simply make sure that your work space is ergonomically set up to assure you're working in the healthiest optimum position as possible and you'll protect your back health and posture for years to come.

    That's why we've bundled together a selection of award winning products and some of the toughest tested on the market to bring you an incredible Office Posture Pack so that your back is protected, your posture is correct, and most importantly, healthy!

    Best of all, you also save £20 when bought together! Win win!

    Featured Bundle Products

  • Posture Cushion: Active sitting made easy

  • This pre-inflated disc works by de-stabilizing the sitting surface to encourage active sitting and engage the postural muscles.

    As your body is required to perform continuous micro-movements to stay balanced, these movements will work to strengthen your core muscles, which are essential to providing the support needed to maintain a correct posture.

  • Backboard: Award winning adjustable lumbar support

  • This dual use, adjustable lumbar support helps you to maintain a correct sitting position by preventing slumping of the lower back as well as being the perfect tool for helping you exercise and stretch out to release tension in the lower back and neck areas.

  • Posture Stand: Fully adjustable, extra strong laptop stand

  • This remarkably versatile and easy to adjust stand provides a simple and affordable way to improve the ergonomics of your workspace.

    Ideal for raising your computer monitor, laptop or tablet to your natural eye level, this high quality Posture Stand can be configured to suit your needs and can even be used as a portable standing desk.

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