Zone 4: Central Lower Back

What’s happening? Does it hurt when sitting down or when you lift or bend?

Zone 4: Central Lower Back

Problem: Pain in this area is very common and in general is not caused by a serious condition. Pain in the central lower back may be triggered by bad posture while sitting or standing, bending awkwardly, or lifting incorrectly. It could also be caused by injury to a disc, the cushion in the back between each pair of vertebrae.

Discs can become torn from traumas earlier in life and as we get older, bending or twisting can exacerbate an old injury, causing pain centrally over the lower lumbar spine. Although it will usually settle on its own within a few weeks, this back pain can be extremely debilitating at first.

Solution: While we will always recommend that you speak with a healthcare professional for a diagnosis if the symptoms persist, we also recommend the bac< Back Brace with Cool Pads.

A lightweight and comfortable support, this semi-rigid brace, with heat formed contour fit, allows tired muscles to relax while giving maximum support to the spine. Easily adjustable for a perfect fit, it includes pockets for heat pads or cool pads, which deliver soothing warmth or cooling relief to reduce swelling. A hypoallergenic lining draws away sweat, keeping the back fresh and cool.

After a period of using the brace, simple exercises can be done to strengthen the back and restore muscle functionality. Available in small, medium and large, the brace includes two reusable cool pads.

Additional heat pads available: Cooling reduces painful inflammation around damaged tissues while heat will reduce tightness or spasm in the muscles so they can move easily and less painfully.The best way to help a damaged muscle is to cool the affected area to reduce inflammation then heat it to increase healing blood flow into the muscles.