3 easy neck pain exercises

3 simple methods to ease your neck pain.

3 easy neck pain exercises

If you’ve bought one of our Neck Braces, you might want to consider some gentle, complementary exercises to help improve your neck pain. Build them into your daily routine, and you’ll be pleasantly surprised how much support you’ll be providing your neck and back. Enjoy.

Accessory #1: Neck Brace

Accessory #2: Towel

Time: 10 minutes per day

Towel Tension Upright Roll

First, hold the towel in your hands with your knuckles facing forward; make sure your hands are about five inches apart. Second, raise the towel so it is just below your chin. Third, make sure there’s tension in the towel and push down towards your waist. Fourth, bring the towel back up to your chin, maintaining the tension.

Repeat: x 10

Chin Tuck And Roll

First, keep your chin to your chest. Second, roll your ears from shoulder to shoulder. It’s important to keep the movement smooth and slow.

Repeat: x 10

Prone “Y” Raise

First, lie face down with your hips supported by a pillow. Second, with your arms in a “Y” shape and your thumbs facing upwards, gently raise and lower your arms.

Repeat: x 10

Exercise Hints & Tips

Don’t forget, exercise slowly. It’s important to control your breathing deeply and evenly, and always tailor your exercise plan to suit your own fitness level. If you experience any pain, stop, take a break, and give it another try another day.

*If you’re unsure about any of these exercises, please consult a specialist before trying them.