How Standing is Important for Your Posture

Today’s work environment compels us to work in front of the computer while sitting for long hours. It is fairly too easy for us to lose our focus and neglect our posture especially when we are tired. Sitting for a long period will put a strain on our spine and translate to aches and chronic pain. Aside from being active during the entire day, here’s how you can greatly improve your stance just by standing.
How Standing is Important for Your Posture

Have a Better Posture by Standing

Sitting for a long time will not only invite a variety of ailments, your alert level will also drop since you are sitting too comfortable.  Standing, on the other hand, will make you feel powerful.  Body language is being used for a long time as a form of expressing power by assuming different postures.  The way that we stand can also affect the release of hormone in our body.  Standing in good posture also allows you to be in total control and avoid taking unnecessary risk.  Based on the study of the Harvard and the Columbia University, at least 45% of individuals who stands in powerful postures will not take the risky bet.

So in case, you are planning to improve your posture, where do you think you should start?  You can start by standing during your work.  A standing desk would be a great addition to your work station.  It will not only empower you and increase your productivity, but it will also help you eliminate the risk of acquiring lifestyle diseases.




Standing in a proper manner is a powerful way to strengthen our core muscles and assist in supporting our lumbar spine.  Any weakness in this area will translate to poor posture. Standing desk also allows our spine to relax and have its natural curve which will enable us to maintain a better stance.  When you stand for a long period at work, your position will greatly improve.  You will be forced to keep your back straight during the entire duration, and you will be more confident in finding solutions with common issues.

In case you notice, most of the exercises in the gym are executed while standing. This allows them to build the desired muscle mass at the right place.  In addition, your core strength will also be enhanced and you will burn calories much faster.  Those who will choose to stand while they are working will notice that they will no longer feel that soreness and stiffness at their back at the end of the day.  You will no longer need to take a painkiller to improve your condition; these are just some of the benefits of standing aside from a better posture.

But we are not recommending you to just shift immediately from your usual sitting position to the standing position. Gradually incorporate this into your habit and allow your body to adapt to the changes slowly. Start by practicing for a few hours and gradually increase the time as you develop your posture.