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Dual Action Massager

Dual Action Massager

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  • Dispenses Gel While You Massage
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Instantly Relieves Pain And Muscle Tension
  • Ideal For Deep Tissue Massage

The Dual Action Massager is designed to help you apply topical lotion to those hard-to-reach places, dispensed through the Dual Action Massager's rollerball head for mess-free, targeted application.

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Dual Action Massager

Say goodbye to those knots

Instant Relief

  • Targeted application of pain relief gels & creams
  • Deep tissue massage: quickly relieves knotted muscles
  • Smooth rolling action: innovative gliding rollerball avoids dragging
  • Easily refilled & cleaned
  • Compact & portable: simple, hand-held relief you can take anywhere

Use with your favourite cream or gel

Dual Action Massager

Tension in the side of your neck and shoulders can be painful and limit you to stiff, awkward movements. With the Dual Action Massager, you can now quickly and easily reduce tension by applying the ideal pressure exactly where you need it.
How it works

The unique Dual Action Massager is ideal for applying your favourite topical gel or cream to those hard-to-reach places while applying pressure exactly where you need. It's incredibly easy to use and refill.

Designed specifically for the lateral neck area to relieve shoulder and upper back pain, the Dual Action Massager can be used on all areas of the back.

With a specifically curved handle, the unique Dual Action Massager allows you to apply as much or as little pressure to the area of pain or tension as you require. Self-controlled, with no additional power needed, the Dual Action Massager gives you the ability to massage yourself at any time without the need for a second person. Ideal for deep tissue massage!

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