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Lateral Lower Back

Do you find yourself getting lateral lower back pain when you climb stairs, or even simply stand still for a while? This radiating pain from the hip, round the buttocks to the thigh can be seriously debilitating and uncomfortable. Checkout our range of specialist designed, premium quality lower back supports and braces below to help you regain your good health today!
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Sacroiliac Belt

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Back Brace

Get the support you need with our innovative and lightweight Back Brace. This device relieves lower back pain by supporting the core muscles in your central lower back through its semi-ridged thermo foam back support system.
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All round back improvement

Posture Laptop Stand

The portable Posture Laptop Stand not only enhances your existing workstation ergonomics, prevents slouching and eye strain, but it also stops 'Tech Neck', making sure you work comfortably and most importantly, safely!
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