Effective back care products to improve and relieve back pain

Neck Brace

Slim, sturdy and sleek, the BACK Neck Brace is revolutionary in design and provides more than the support of a traditional neck support.

Importantly, it's also the lightest and most discreet non-constricting neck support on the market.

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Spine Aligners™

BACK Spine Aligners™ have a 2° degree tilt that’s optimal for stabilising and aligning your feet. What these aligners do is control and support the arch back to a ‘neutral’ position, regaining the correct alignment leading to a better posture

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About Us

Our Story

Old friends who regularly holidayed together, Adrian and John had often discussed, the opportunity in the market for effective back care products, that were much more beautifully designed and crafted.
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Stops slouching and prevents 'Tech-Neck'

Posture Stand

The portable Posture Stand not only enhances your existing workstation ergonomics, prevents slouching and eye strain, but it also stops 'Tech Neck', making sure you work comfortably and most importantly, safely!
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