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  1. Designed as an applicator for topical lotion or gel which can be dispensed through the massager’s rollerball head for mess free, targeted application.

    Lightweight and easy to use, the Easy Applicator allows you to apply as much or as little pressure to the area of pain or tension as you require. Try it out today! You will be glad you did!

    - Applies targeted applications for Topical Pain relief gels & creams

    - Easy to use and refill

    - Easy reach handle for all over use

    - Ideal for deep tissue massage


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    80% of 100
    Key Benefits
    • Easy to use & refill, with easy reach handle for all over use
    • Apply targeted applications of topical gels & creams
    • No More getting your hands all sticky!
    • Developed with the London Spine Clinic
    • 30 day money back guarantee
  2. Support your neck, relieve pain and improve your posture with our innovative Neck Brace.

    Our sleek and discreet innovative design is almost invisible, providing the support necessary but also not interfering in the day to day activities of the wearer.

    The included Cool Pad is ideal for additional pain relief.

    - Works to relieve pain to neck and upper back caused by poor posture

    - Helps improve posture and correctly align head


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    94% of 100
    Key Benefits
    • Designed to improve posture and relieve pain
    • Discreet stylish design
    • Reusable Cool Pad and pouch included
    • Developed with the London Spine Clinic
    • 30 day money back guarantee

  3. Add some cold therapy to your bac< product with our Cool Pads.

    Easy to use Cool Pads are an excellent addition to either our Back Brace or Neck Brace, to provide additional pain relief.


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    Key Benefits
    • Provides quick pain relief
    • Reduces swelling
    • Suitable for use with our Back Brace and Neck Brace
    • Reusable
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