Strong Bones | Aid In Movement & Strength

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Our uniquely formulated strong bone capsules are 100% vegan, vegetarian-friendly and gluten-free! The capsules are also free from artificial preservatives and colouring.

Developed in association with the leading spinal clinic in the UK, these supplements are designed to help strengthen bones, joints, tendons, & ligaments aiding in both movement & strength

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Customer Reviews

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Lynne S
Good so far

I ordered these for my friend who was an ice hockey player and who struggles now with his back through sports injuries.

These supplements are developed in association with the London Spine Clinic, these supplements have been formulated with your back health in mind.

All the ingredients have been chosen to strengthen the bones with a focus on Calcium, Magnesium & Vitamins.

The bottle contains 60 capsules that he found very easy to swallow giving him a 30-day supply.
There’s no aftertaste.

They are 100% vegan, vegetarian and gluten free.
The capsules are also free from artificial preservatives and colouring.

The company only use ingredients which are sustainably sourced, non-GMO and allergen-free.

My friend has not been taking them long but hopes these will strengthen bones, joints, tendons, and ligaments in order to help him with movement & strength.

These capsules are manufactured, batch tested and certified in the UK.

High quality ingredients, great value for money in my opinion.

Works well for me

I’ve been suffering from a bad back for years and in the last half a year the pain has become quite bad. I tried a lot of things to get rid of the pain; yoga, prescribed medication, hot water bottle, back brace. In the last 2 weeks I also started taking this supplement which is targeting bones & joints. Prior to this, I moved around with the assistance of something for extra support because I was in agony by the end of the day. In the last few days, I started to feel so much better, I guess the goodness of this supplement is just kicking in. My back seems to be getting back to normal and finally I can say goodbye to back pain. Besides the gentle back exercises recommended by physiotherapist, I can only endorse this supplement wholeheartedly.
For £17.99 you receive a 30 days supply as you need to take 2 pills per day. They are easy-to swallow, and they are also vegan-friendly and gluten-free. I guess my back is getting better because I am trying to use many back targeted products, and it is a relief that they are making a good impact on my health.

Ben H
Easy to swallow

I have back problems since past few years. Have tried many things and medicines but they don’t really help. I wanted to try these back pain tablets because have heard positive feedback.

The bottle is nice black , with “back” on it written big and clear. Its good because someone can’t mistakenly take the medicine but they will read it clearly that its for back pain.

The capsule is thin so very easy to swallow without any problems. I usually don’t like taking capsules because they are thick and get stuck.

I am taking the back pain capsules since over a week now and have felt an improvement in my back. It hurts way too much when I don’t take the medicine. The pain is not gone 100% but I can feel that the pain is significantly reduced. I will need to complete the bottle before seeing the 100% result is suppose.

Overall good medicine and recommend if you are suffering from back pain.


Nicely presented from a tried, tested and trusted brand. They're good value for money when you consider the quality and the quantity you receive.

Sean G
30 days supply

I really appreciate the fact that this is a clearly marked vegan supplement with a vegetarian capsule shell. Often vitamin D3 is from a vegetarian rather than vegan source so it's great to see the D3 included here is vegan.

The capsules are typical size and easy enough to swallow.

You are getting 60 here and if you stick to the recommended serving size of one then they will last you around 1 month. Reasonably good value for money.

You get a decent expiry date so more than enough time to use this supplement up. Certainly one to consider for your bone health.