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Wearing Spine Aligners will make a dramatic difference to the alignment of your foot, ankle, knee and spine! 

Spine Aligners™ Overpronation Insoles are clinically designed to relieve postural aches, lower back pain caused by overpronation and ultimately improve your posture for a healthier back.

These orthotics for overpronation are made possible by giving your feet additional support and cushioning that gradually corrects the lower body’s point of pressure.

Your healing process should not take a break. Wear these insoles anywhere and everywhere for the consistent and unfailing attention your posture needs.

Over time, Spine Aligners will enable you to regain the ideal structure of your feet and prevent overpronation, ultimately leading to a better posture.


Spine Aligners have been specifically designed to relieve postural aches and pains in the lower back caused by over-pronation, by offering the additional support and cushioning needed for feet that have 'flattened' and are overpronating.

This is done by stabilising and realigning the heel at a 2° angle and by controlling and supporting the arch back to a natural 'neutral' position. 


There is also antimicrobial Orthalite® foam cushioning for extra comfort and breathability.

The best thing about the BACK insole Spine Aligners™ is that they’re versatile and easy to use. 

You don’t have to take a break. Our innovative orthotic insoles for overpronation will fit any kind of shoe. You can pop these insoles into your jogging shoes, work shoes or even your trainers when you’re just running for errands.

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