Dual Action Massager | Unique Targeted Applicator

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 Relieve those hard to reach places with the Dual Action Massager! 

The unique Dual Action Massager is ideal for applying your favourite topical gel or cream to those hard-to-reach places while applying pressure exactly where you need it. It's incredibly easy to use and refill.

Dual Action Massager

Designed specifically for the lateral neck area to relieve shoulder and upper back pain, the Dual Action Massager can be used on all areas of the back.

 Ideal for deep tissue massage 

 Relieve back and neck aches easily 

 Ideal to be used with your favourite creams/gels 


With a specifically curved handle, the unique Dual Action Massager allows you to apply as much or as little pressure to the area of pain or tension as you require.

Self-controlled, with no additional power needed, the Dual Action Massager gives you the ability to massage yourself at any time without the need for a second person. Ideal for deep tissue massage!

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Customer Reviews

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As decribed

The description of this item claimed this product to provide a clean application and yes it is amazingly simple to use with no messiness.
The plastic is hard and frankly for me has caused additional discomfort. Also it is very short.
Overall a useful and effective gadget.

Ted Fineran
Quality product

Rapid delivery, a well made applicator for inaccessible spots, easy to refill (just have a 5P coin to hand!). I don't think it suitable for serious massage work but for contolled application - perfect!

This is the best applicator you can find.

I have a lot of pain in my shoulder blade and lower back. Hard to reach places. I also live alone. I had no way to apply a topical pain relieving gel to the areas. I was in CVS and found the Easy Applicator. It was the last one in the store and on clearence. I don't understand why the store wouldn't order more, but I'm thankful to have found it.


This massager is AMAZING! I bought it about a year and a half ago and I used it all the time. My sister came to visit a few months ago and ended up taking it back to Michigan with her and I could've disowned her, LOL! I've been looking for it ever since with no luck until now when I FINALLY found the instruction sheet I had feels like Christmas in July, I'm so happy

A little fiddly

Once the cream is in the device it is a delight to use. I can reach everywhere I need to. It is however a fiddle to get the cream in to the cup. You need a coin handy to unlock the top and is easy to get it apart. However it's not so easy to assemble. The cream runs out quite quickly so refilling the cup happens a lot.