We’re on a mission at BackPainHelp to help improve the nations back health.

Why? Because we know that back pain is so debilitating both physically and mentally and its such an incredibly common problem.

So we wanted to do something about it. We wanted to do something different, something better, in short develop solutions that actually work and help people with back pain.

Our goal is to provide the complete solution to help our customers maintain a healthy back. Offering solutions of drug free pain relief, ways to improve your posture, exercises to strengthen your core abdominal & back stabiliser muscles and nutrition.


Consultant Spinal Neurosurgeon, founder and Lead Clinician
London Spine Clinic Ltd, based on Harley Street, London.
Qualified in 1983, appointed as a consultant neurosurgeon in
1993, concentrated exclusively in the management of
patients with spinal disorders for the last 20+ years.

Mark Critchley

25+ years of consumer marketing experience (SSL
International plc / Reckitt Benckiser plc, Princes Foods
and John West). Held a variety of senior marketing roles
as Global and UK Marketing Director, MBA from
Manchester Business School and Marketing Society

BACKs mission going forward

We decided to combine our 40+ years of experience of being a leading Harley Street, Spinal Neurosurgeon with world leading product design and innovation.

We built a great team, added a good sprinkling of passion and hard work to create what we believe is a unique range of products.

Going forward we intend to combine our existing unique product portfolio with a new service offering supporting our expertise in how to treat, recover and prevent back pain. Our goal is to make this easily accessible, so as many people as possible can benefit from our knowledge and help you get on, pain free, with your normal daily lives.