Zone 3: Middle Back

What’s happening? It hurts when you bend forward, twist, lift or breathe deeply; or it hurts at the end of a long day but you don’t know why.

Pain is caused by injury to a joint (facet or rib). The big muscles in the back come together in the middle, pulling in different directions and the forces can be intolerable. The muscles hurt as chemicals like lactic acid build up in them, causing painful spasms that put pressure on the spine and the ribs.

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Where they meet, the cost-vertebral joints, the pressure caused by spasms can cause damage. Stretching of the joints and tearing of the capsule covering the joints leads to inflammation and pain.

Pain in this area can additionally be caused by poor posture, both seated and standing.

Exercises: Exercises aimed at keeping the joint moving can help relieve tension and pain in this area.

Solution: BACK Shoulder Brace, discreet and comfortable, the BACK Shoulder Brace draws the shoulders back and straightens the spine, so helping to improve posture.

The padded spine section supports the user’s own spine, preventing painful flexing and helping the user breathe more easily.

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