Zone 2: Shoulder

P>What’s happening? It hurts to look up or sideways, and you have a burning pain the lower neck. Read on.

Problem: Lateral back and shoulder pain can be caused by damage to a joint (facet) in the neck, as the capsule covering the joint can be torn by twisting injuries or violent injuries such as whiplash. If the joint weakens and moves too much, it will lead to inflammation of the membrane lining.

The pain of this inflammation causes muscles around the joint to contract strongly, leading to a knot and then burning pain on the side of the neck.

Exercises: Exercises aimed at keeping the joint moving can help relieve tension and pain in this area. Try the 45 Degree Tension, demonstrated in the video below:


Whilst we will always recommend that you speak with a healthcare professional for a diagnosis if the symptoms persist, we also recommend our unique BACK Dual Action Massager, which can quickly reduce tension in the shoulders and alleviate upper back pain, by applying the correct amount of pressure exactly where it’s needed.

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