Zone 1: Neck

Find out why central neck pain can be caused by damage to a disc in the neck, and how to alleviate this pain.

Zone 1: Neck

What’s happening? It hurts when you bend your head forward or when you cough or sneeze. It hurts after a day at work or a long drive. Problem: Central neck pain can be caused by damage to a disc in the neck – the cushion between the bones (vertebrae). It can also be caused through poor posture when sitting, a condition known as “Tech Neck”.

A disc is a ring of strong fibrous tissue, similar to a ligament, which contains a softer centre. This is all firmly stuck to the bones above and below, allowing them to move slightly, relative to each other.

A tear in the ring of the disc is quite common, often caused by an injury years before (even in childhood). It is only when this becomes inflamed, due to bad posture, heavy lifting, awkward work positions or another injury, that it starts to hurt. The damage can be seen on an MRI scan, not on an x-ray. With this problem, the neck becomes straight and the muscles become very tight and stiff, often called “spasm”. This can also cause headache, as these same muscles attach to the bottom of the skull.

Exercise: Chin Tuck & Roll

Solution: The Back Neck Brace

Whilst we will always recommend that you speak with a healthcare professional for a diagnosis if the symptoms persist, we also recommend our BACK Neck Brace, which will offer support to your neck, give your muscles the rest which they need, and so help to relieve you of pain.

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