How Paul improved his back health by using the Back Brace

How Paul improved his back health by using the Back Brace

Paul from Newcastle started suffering from lower back pain after years of spending hours on his feet daily, while carrying heavy loads. After using our Back Brace, and with some professional advice, Paul has now improved his back health:

“Due to years of carrying heavy bags and walking for long periods of time, amongst other problems, I started to develop considerable lower back pain. Standing up became difficult, as did sitting comfortably. After long days on my feet the pain was worse.”

“Thanks to the Back Brace, which I have been wearing when walking around, my pain is now down to a minimum and it gives me the support I need when carrying heavier loads.”

“Over a small period of time I have gradually started to use the brace less as my back has improved. Along with some (gentle) exercises recommend to me by my physiotherapist, the brace has been a big help”

Paul has also tried out another of our lower back supports; the Backboard, for use when he’s sitting at home or in the car:

“As well as the Back Brace I also use the Backboard. This has been really helpful on the long car journeys I do each month and when sitting at home. It provides me with the extra support my back now needs, and allows me to stand up easier with less pain.” Paul, 52 from Newcastle

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