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Therapy Pillow Cordless - Neck & Shoulder Massager

I didn’t receive this parcel it was sent to wrong address can someone contact me ?
And Can you contact royal mail ?

Really assisted with supporting my SI joint in acute situation.

Neck support

You cannot sit down with this on

Therapy Pillow Cordless - Neck & Shoulder Massager
Thambirajah Jeyanathan

Very good

back board

didnt start using it until couple of days ago as i needed to put together, so dont know yet

Posture Stand - Adjustable Laptop Stand
Jennifer Gosling
Posture Stand

I found it incredibly difficult to manipulate. It is heavy,which didn't help. Trying to get both sides level was a nightmare and adjustments to the angles was tricky. I nearly lost a finger a couple of times.

Posture Core Seat | Transforming your sitting experience
Great idea - very narrow

I love the feeling and support for my back but it's really narrow and therefore not comfy across the seat - for reference I am dress size 10/12 (UK)

Great product

I used the board for a 4hr drive to Devon and a 2hr drive to Norfolk over Xmas. It’s quite versatile. Sometimes I even use it upside down to adjust my position. I am currently sitting with it supporting me on my office chair. Definitely a good purchase that I am getting lots of use out of.

Posture Stand - Adjustable Laptop Stand
Natalie Barham-Earle
DSA equipment - pleasantly surprised

I was very dubious about receiving this product, it was what I had been advised to receive by assessor, however I did think a table would be more usable.
I am eating my words, as this is a fabulous bit of kit, I suffer with terrible back and joint pain, and although not as simple as just a mini desk on wheels, this can be used so much more, and can adapt to my seated position. This is a life saver if I’m having a particularly bad pain day.

Packs a punch

Small but powerful little devise. I’ve just got one so can’t say if it’s helping my neck and shoulder pain but it feels like it’s doing the job. Strong pulses if you want it or just gentle to release tension.

Lower Back Brace | Comfortable Lower Back Support
Nigel Sharp

Firstly, the service from BackPainHelp was excellent - I made an error with my order which was quickly and efficiently remedied sympathetically. I have now been wearing the brace for four or five days and find it very comfortable. The first day I wore it directly on my skin, but I now have it over a T shirt which is more comfortable. It seems to be doing exactly what I want it to - it stops me bending awkwardly to e.g. tie a shoelace which seems trivial but is enough set off several days of back problems. So I am well pleased - my next plan is to get a set of braces to hold up my trousers as I find the brace needs to sit low down where my waist and belt are.

Back support

Not different to ones I had before . Does not feel support is enough

The price was right and the fit is perfect

straps cut through the skin after couple hours

when moving the arms, the shoulder straps cut into my skin between the shoulder and the armpit. I couldnt wear if beyond 1h.
It's unfortunate because I liked the idea

Great pads but gel is far too strong

These are great and work perfectly but … separating the pad from the backing is *really* hard. That’s my only issue.

Shoulder pain

Have been suffering with severe stabbing pain in my shoulder blade, after 2 weeks of otc and prescribed pain killers I looked for help on the internet. I bought the Posture Hero and have found it so effective at easing the pain lessening the need for drugs.

My must have gym kit with hidden benefits!

The sport posture hero is amazing kit. Great design & quality. It’s a breeze to fit & wear for a few hours. I’m 6’5, 46 chest & did wonder if it would fit, it does, no problem. Being tall since teenage years has made for lots of stooping giving me a rounded back. My posture hero is not only correcting that, I’m finding unexpected benefits from overall better training form. Even treadmill running has improved thru better posture & oxygen intake, plus the hero seems to eliminate the niggly calf pulls/ankle strains plaguing me over the years. Can’t thank you enough.

Its very good help for my foot pain and back pain

Its very much helped my legs pain under my feet and back also its feeling quite better now

Back support

I have just worn this today for the first time so cannot give you a full review. It seems to help a little at the moment.

I bought them on the advice of my Physiotherapist

I have used them in my walking boots for three weeks and cannot notice any difference in the pain in my back or hips

Therapy Pillow - Portable Body Massager
Keith Scott
Great Relief

For such a small machine it gives excellentt relief on any given area of pain. It will also be able to pack easy for weekends or holidays away from home.

Posture Hero™ | Back Brace Posture Corrector - Adjustable Posture Support