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superb product, the easy adjustable element really makes them one fit for all, and eases the moods of your back pains.

Work extremly well

Work extremly well, I use it in the car, has therapeutic Influence on my back, keep my lumbar area in right position.
Pain gone

You can feel the stretch!

Working at a desk all day this is ideal to make me stretch my neck out correctly, it’s super supportive and I can feel the stretch when wearing, I’m needing to build it up on the amount of time I’m using gradually, helps me sit up straight and can feel a gradual ease of my neck pain, easy to use and put on, handy guide and information included,

Good design and comfortable to wear

This compact back neck stabilizer is a great advancement to the regularly uncomfortable collarbone holders. Unlike the big sturdy design of the regular one, this can be adjusted to your size and is smaller, more comfortable and more compact.

The foam helps keep your neck comfortable, and the compact structure helps you move your neck a little. This one is not for big neck injuries, but the smaller ones.

Overall, it is a good design and comfortable to wear. I hope this review helped you.

Works great, comfortable to wear.

This is a great product that prevents my head from dropping forward when I'm working on the computer. It helps me to keep my head in place. The product does work as expected. I was able to wear it comfortably. Moreover, my neck feels more relaxed. I would recommend definitely.

Very comfortable to wear it

This back neck helper works as expected, and it is very easy to use product I must admit, it has new generation auto size adjustment which is very helpful and useful.
It helps relieve neck pain for sure and improve forward head posture by training your neck to understand what correct alignment feels like and provides temporary relief to sore neck muscles, perfect product for daily use I must admit.
Lightweight, no any sweety, and discreet plus low profile.
Great quality product at all, very reasonable price for sure.
I can easily highly recommend it to anyone.

Great overall

I love this thing. I've taken to wearing neck braces lately after a recent diagnosis of cranio-cervical instability/EDS. The other ones I have are contoured foam, and while I've found some that are pretty comfortable, this takes it to another level. I love how minimal and unrestrictive it is - keeps me stable but doesn't totally immobilize me. It's much easier to do daily tasks with this on, as opposed to a foam collar.

Simple design, easy to use

This is a good item, it’s a simple design that is supposed to help with neck and back issues. I cannot say for certain until I use it more so I’ll have to come back and edit my progress.

So far I’ve been using it for 1-2 hours a day since my neck begins to hurt wearing it after a bit, but I’m assuming it could be due to poor neck posture. So I’ll have to keep wearing to see if I progress. With all the phone using, I am pretty sure a lot of people could benefit from this.

Nice and lightweight

As a huge crafter and I sit at computer a lot of course my back and neck suffer
I've had this on for a couple of days and can say I'm enjoying it
Easy to use and comes with a adjustable strap
It might look thin but it has been giving good support where needed
Also it's not a full enclosed brace so no extra sweating in this heat
Comfortable to wear as having no rubbing anywhere with it as has felt chin supports
If using for a long time I would ask a GP or spine doctor for advice
Always follow instructions when using
Nice price as I'm not getting neck and shoulder aches quickly as I would without it So ideal for when using computers or especially crafting like using sewing machine

Works great, comfortable to wear.

This is a great product that prevents my head from dropping forward when I'm working on the computer. It helps me to keep my head in place. The product does work as expected. I was able to wear it comfortably. Moreover, my neck feels more relaxed. I would recommend definitely.

Patience is a virtue. You just need to wear it 2-3 hours a day to see results.

As the instructions state, you should be wearing this neck support for two to three hours at a time daily for improvements in your neck area and so it must be comfortable otherwise you’ll never wear it. And so far, I’ve found it comfortable and easy to put on. It does look strange and my daughters think that I’ve broken my neck when I wear this but, it has helped my stiff neck and has gradually given me a better posture. You just have to persevere with time and strange looks.

Very Good

Does the job on my back, and seems better made and sturdier than the generic one I got off Amazon previously

Strong, durable and comfortable.

This is another repeat purchase of the Spine Aligners. I use daily in my shoes, trainers and slippers etc instead of swapping between foot wear I decided to purchase a few pairs to make my life easier. They are so robust, moulded base insole and much better than other flimsy insoles, even better then the nhs custom ones previously provided, which last less then 6 months. These are more comfortable, provide arch support and help with my posture and walking. Happy with my purchase and still using original ones for the past 3 year.

Game Changer

I suffer from a stiff neck, possibly developed from cycling, possibly from running, possibly from constantly reversing off the drive and craning my neck several unnatural angles, possibly just being old.

This is quite a game changer. It does what those massively inconvenient polo shaped neck braces do and restricts your neck movement, making sure if you want to move your neck, you move your body too and take the strain out of your neck. Your chin sits/rests on the brace

I’m wearing it now writing this and I know it’s making a difference. I’m hoping after a few weeks of wearing this for a period of time every day I will start to correct what I am doing and cause my neck less stress. It’s not something you can wear when cycling obviously, but it will help the recovery

£40 at the time of review. Possibly the same price as one visit to a physio but this’ll do good for a long time.

A good postural aid

This is a really simple concept, but effective. Essentially it stops you from dropping your head forward (something I'm very prone to do) and keeps it in a tall position. It's not really a support as such, it doesn't really hold your head there, it's a bit uncomfortable if you try to rest your head on it, it's more of a positional guide and your muscles still need to do the work so it's retraining and strengthening them. There is additional postural benefit in that by not allowing me to bend the neck forward it does also help in reducing my tendency to slouch in my chair (something else I'm guilty of).

The brace is secured by a Velcro strap round the back of the neck, which is a bit fiddly to do up, especially as it's at the shirt collar level, and as my shirt collars are quite loose that creates a faff in getting a tight enough closure. That's an annoyance if you are like me regularly getting up from your work desk to do things like make a cup of tea which is actually not easy when wearing this, really requiring you to remove it and put it back on again once sat down.

Good neck support

I`m working in IT and all the time need to look to my monitors.
With this item I feel my neck more relaxed and I don`t fill such pressure anymore...
Good product

Life saver

I love this product I was able to do all of my homework and chores with out having any pain in my back or spine

Lot better

Made my back feel a lot better

Totally practical

Great stand!

Really good posture support

Overall I really like this posture corrector.

I wear it for around an hour a day which I think gives me the best results and remains comfortable while using it.

Went for it as it had a 30 day guarantee and it’s approved by the spine clinic. Would recommend giving it a go!

Comfortable and quality

Feels like good quality and it's comfortable enough to wear for long periods.

Very efficient delivery can not review how good it is as not had to use it yet

This works

I have recently had a persistent pain in my neck, and this definitely helps to stretch it out and relieve it. It hasn't fixed the root cause, which I'm still working on, but that would be beyond its purpose.

I bought a similar device but over twice the price last year but that one didn’t have 6 different modes or 15 stimulant levels unlike the one I purchased from yourselves and I have to say I am very pleased how effective it is on me not only for my back but other sites on my body.👍👏

Back brace

Very simple and practical to use. Very comfortable. Delivered efficeintly ahead of time and packaged very sensibly.