Posture Cushion | Core Balance Cushion

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Train your body to adopt a positive posture whilst you sit! 

We all know that sitting in one position for prolonged periods of time is bad for our health. The Posture Cushion overcomes this by encouraging active sitting and engaging the postural muscles.

In as little as a couple of weeks, you will see a change in both posture and core strength improvement
We recommend that the Posture Cushion is initially used for short bursts of time (approximately 30 minutes).
The Posture Cushion can also be used as a training aid to help improve balance and coordination whilst standing

Balance Cushion

By de-stabilising the sitting surface, your body is required to perform continuous micro-movements in order to stay balanced and upright.

These movements help to strengthen your core muscles, which are essential to providing the support needed to maintain a correct posture.

Posture Balance Cushion

When sitting on the Posture Cushion our body is forced to readjust itself in order to stay balanced and keep the head level to simplify vision processing. 

This means that our muscles are constantly being worked throughout the day as they compensate for the shift in weight.

As your body becomes accustomed to your improved and strengthened postural muscles you will no doubt feel better, more confident and healthier.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Great cushion

This cushion is amazing. As soon as you sit on it your posture is transformed into the correct position. This has improved my posture so much when sitting.I would definitely recommend this as a best buy.

Couldn't recommend more

My back had been aching for months, this posture cushion not only fixed my pain but has mad sure it won't happen again - I sit straighter and can sit at my computer for hours longer without thinking about pain!

Very pleased with this product.

I recently ordered a posture cushion and it was delivered really quickly. I wanted it for work and it is very light and easy to carry, so perfect for the job.

Innovative Product!

Love this cushion as it definitely draws your attention to your posture and makes you consciously correct your posture which is a good thing for Desk workers, great fun colors too! Anything to help with health is welcoming and this product delivers.

Positive change in my posture

I waited for my delivery for about 2 weeks (didn't want to rush the good people at backpain help) but as soon as i contacted them and they realised that the delivery had gone missing, another batch was sent and received within a couple of days. I used to sit on my big gym ball, now have got 2 cushions, one for the office and 1 for home and am very satisfied with them: great vibrant orange colour; positive change in my posture. Would def recommend to anybody wishing to improve core strength.