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4 mobilisation exercises to do with the Posture Hero™

4 mobilisation exercises to do with the Posture Hero™

Low impact aerobic exercises like walking, swimming and gardening are great for improving overall health and wellbeing. These gentle exercises increase blood flow and are incredibly beneficial for back pain since they reduce stiffness without jarring the spine and worsening aches.

Below you will find 4 quick and easy mobilisation exercises that aim to do two things: reduce the impact of chronic back pain and improve posture. They are simple and gentle and perfect for fitting into your everyday routine. Give them a go.

Accessory: Posture Hero™

Time: 10 / 15 minutes per day

Prone “Y” Raise

First, place a pillow under your hips and lie facing forward on the floor. Second, put your arms forward in a “Y” shape. Your thumbs should be facing upwards. Third, slowly raise and lower your arms at the same time.

Repeat: x 10

Tension Bent Forword Raise

First, bend your knees slightly, then bend forward. Second, bend your elbows and move your arms outwards to the horizontal.

Repeat: x 10

Towel Pull To Chest

First, hold out a towel with both arms. Second, create tension in the towel by pulling outwards. Third, pull back the towel towards your body while squeezing your shoulder blades.

Repeat: x 10

45 Degree Tension

First, stand with arms relaxed and palms facing forwards. Second, slowly lift your arms at 45 degrees up towards your shoulders while keeping your shoulder blades tight at all times.

Repeat: x 10

Exercise Hints & Tips

Don’t forget, exercise slowly. It’s important to control your breathing deeply and evenly, and always tailor your exercise plan to suit your own fitness level. If you experience any pain, stop, take a break, and give it another try another day.