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Things No One Told you About the Neck Support Collar

Things No One Told you About the Neck Support Collar

We all suffer from neck pain at some point in life. Thanks to our sedentary lifestyle, neck and back pain are common now. We sit for hours in our AC offices without moving and the result is chronic back and neck pain. Apart from learning how to sit properly, using a neck brace can help you to get rid of neck pain. There are many types of neck braces available in the market. Also, it does not affect your day-to-day life activities too. All you need to do is to wear it regularly. Neck support brace or cervical collars are used for providing support to your head, neck, and spinal cord structure. These collars are prescribed as a part of a standard supportive treatment option after neck surgeries, neck injuries, and certain cases of neck pain. However, now the NECK SUPPORT COLLAR is becoming increasingly popular for postural correction. There are various types of neck braces. In this article, we’ve discussed some common myths about cervical collars. The misconceptions about cervical collars prevent many people from adhering to supportive or postural correction therapy. The modern neck braces are sleek and comfortable while offering adequate support to your head, neck, and spine. Wearing a neck posture brace is the ideal solution to get rid of back and neck pain. But before bursting myths on neck support collars, let’s understand when these are required.  

What Are Neck Braces Used For?

The core objective of wearing a neck support collar is to provide adequate support to your neck and spinal cord while limiting sudden movement of your head or neck. In some cases, they’re typically prescribed for short-term use. While for posture correction, you can use them regularly. Most common conditions that may require the use of a Neck Support Brace include the following:  

Whiplash Injury and Neck Trauma

If you’ve sustained any neck trauma due to a fall, car/bike accident, sports impact, a neck brace may protect your neck from further injury and neck pain.  

Neck Surgery

A neck support collar helps prevent neck pain after surgery by limiting shock impact during sudden neck rotations, side-to-side, or back and forth movements. Buy a quality neck brace online for a comfortable fit.  

Nerve Compression

Neck collars are prescribed occasionally to reduce pressure and strain on the nerves in the neck due to bad posture.  

Cervical Spondylosis

Cervical spondylosis is an age-related disorder caused due to continuous wear and tear of neck bones and cartilages. A neck brace reduces the strain on the neck and offers temporary relief from pain.  

General Neck Stiffness or Pain

A neck support collar supports and strengthens the neck muscles reducing excessive pressure and strain.  

Bursting Myths: Neck Support Braces

Myth 1: Neck collars are Bulky and uncomfortable

Most of us have seen people wearing huge, bulky cervical collars, which are even visually uncomfortable, let alone wearing them. Not anymore! The modern neck braces are crafted with a stylish design with discrete and lightweight features. You can wear them anywhere, pair them up with any outfit. Also, most neck braces are with the guidelines about how to wear neck support brace. You just need to read them.  

Myth 2: My neck needs to be completely still after a neck surgery; otherwise, bones won’t fuse, and I won’t recover. That’s why I need a neck support collar.

Completely restricting the movement of your neck is not just extremely uncomfortable but may result in additional strain. The main goal of a neck brace is to prevent sudden impacts and support your neck muscles during the recovery phase. It allows a certain degree of neck movement to prevent neck stiffness. Bone fusion is regulated by a natural bio-mechanism called osteogenesis. Your bones will fuse irrespective of the neck movements. Individuals at the risk of non-fusion are prescribed other measures involving administering a bone growth stimulator.  

Myth 3: Neck support collar completely restricts my neck movement

Complete restriction of a natural movement is uncomfortable and harmful. Most people don’t adhere to posture support therapies using neck collars because of this myth. However, the modern neck support brace doesn’t completely restrict your neck movements. On the contrary, neck collars support the healthy movement of the neck, accurate neck, and head alignment, thus improving your posture. Buy quality neck brace online for optimum support and ultimate comfort.  

Myth 4: I Must Wear The Neck Support Collar 24*7

You do need to wear your neck brace while sleeping unless you find it more comfortable. Moreover, you need to remove them while taking a bath. It is recommended to wear your neck collar when you’re awake while working on your desk, and during physical activities to maintain a proper stance. You also need to remove them for cleaning. You can reduce the hours of wearing a neck brace when you’re in complete control of your posture.  

Myth 5: I’ll need assistance to wear and remove the neck collar for a proper fit

Another reason why many people don’t adhere to the therapy is that they need to depend on someone else for wearing and removing the collar. The MODERN NECK BRACES ELIMINATE this constraint. With a smooth and simple operation, you can wear and remove the neck collar easily all by yourself. The ergonomic design makes it aligned to your body contour. The braces can even be adjusted to tighten or loosen the support before wearing them. Ensure to buy your neck support brace from a renowned and credible manufacturer for assured quality, on-time delivery, and fair, competitive pricing. Get a neck collar and improve your posture.

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