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The next generation of BACK neck support

The next generation of BACK neck support

Back care specialists here at Back Pain Help have introduced an exciting and new generation neck brace that is not only functional, but also stylish.

Neck pain is the rise, with up to 1 in 3 people experiencing prolonged neck pain every year. Neck pain causes often are caused by trauma from an accident or contact sports, with these sudden forces causing stretching and tears to the muscles and tendons in the neck. However, increasingly we are seeing that neck pain can also be a result of repetitive straining, regularly due to poor posture.

The BACK Neck Brace, under development for three years, helps to promote correct neck and shoulder posture to those who spend more time fixed at their desks, looking down at their mobile phones or tablets, and gives them the chance to simply give their necks time to relax.

Mark Critchley, spokesperson for BACK said “Traditional neck supports can be uncomfortable and can often draw a lot of unwanted attention. That's why we developed the Neck Brace. A new generation neck brace that is not only functional but also stylish.”

“Whilst Neck braces are the simplest way to support the neck and restrict head movement, by taking the weight of the head off the shoulders giving damaged soft tissues a chance to recover, it does not mean that great, clean design cannot also be present. Our sleek design is almost invisible, providing the support necessary but not interfering in the day to day activities of the wearer.”

The BACK neck brace simply works by maintaining correct neck alignment. Thus helping to both relieve pain and improve posture as it correctly aligns your head with the neck. When your spine is properly aligned, your discs rather than your muscles support your weight and so strain and effort on the body is greatly reduced.

“Being aware of the correct neck and shoulder posture is the beginning of correction.”

For more information on the neck brace and the rest of the back pain range, follow this link.

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