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How to strengthen your core

How to strengthen your core

At some point in their lives, over 80% of people will develop a form of back pain. Developing a strong core (i.e. abdominal muscles) can be an effective way of reducing the risk of this happening. This is because a strong core acts as a supportive structure, reducing pressure from your spine. Without this core support, your spinal structure will have to work much harder.

The “Deadbug” exercise below is an effective way of preventing (lower) back pain and will help you reduce the risk of injury.

The “DEADBUG” Mobility Exercise

First, lie on the floor on your back and raise your knees. Second, alternatively extend out and bring back each leg. Third, try raising your shoulder blades off the floor while performing the second action. Fourth, extend opposite arms to increase leverage.

Repeat: x 10

 Bonus Exercise Hints & Tips

Try the following techniques for further reducing your chances of back pain.

1. Working Posture: try transitioning at regular intervals throughout the day between sitting and standing.

2. Sleep: make sure you get a good sleep of at least 8 hours per night. Your spine is a complex structure, and it also require rest.

3. Sufficient support whilst lifting heavy objects: with poor lifting technique, considerable stress can be added onto the back. Try using a back posture brace support as an effective means of preventing back strain.

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