Therapy Pad™ - EMS Muscle Stimulator

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Strengthen, tone and relax muscles easily & effectively! 

The Therapy Pad muscle stimulator uses proven intelligent EMS technology uniquely designed to help relax muscle tension that causes muscle stiffness in the neck, back and any other muscle group. 

Therapy Pad EMS Muscle Stimulator


This rechargeable massager delivers low-voltage pulses through the skin to the targeted muscle area, stimulating nerve fibres to effectively block the pain signals to your brain.

The Therapy Pad has been developed in partnership with the London Spine Clinic and uses clinically proven technology to provide safe and effective electrical muscle stimulation.

Like having your own physio! 

The electric muscle stimulator pad is fantastic for common back issues such as:- 

 Back pain




The muscle stimulator pad is lightweight, easy to use and discreet. The EMS muscle stimulator pad comes with two different sizes of reusable pads designed for different areas of the back.

EMS Muscle Stimulator

 The Therapy Pad is designed to be used 'on the go' the portable device relieves those aching muscles powerfully whilst getting on with your everyday tasks! 


People with a pacemaker, defibrillator or other implanted electronic device

Severe cardiac arrhythmia, angina or heart failure

People who are pregnant

Children under 12 years old

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Customer Reviews

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Alice B
Overall good product!

You do get the choice of 2 gel pads (oh they feel cold and sticky when first applied) but soon warm up with body heat and boy do they stick! One is for larger areas like lower back and one is for smaller areas like shoulders. You can alter the intensity levels by pressing the + button either on the massager unit or by the remote control, the lowest is level is 1 the highest is 15.

I have tried them all and i have to say the back mode i found to be the most intense, i could only tolerate it on the number 4 level but i would assume each individual would be different, the abdomen mode was my favourite by far, i found it to be very relaxing. I have only been using the device for a few days so it's too early to say if it will help my sciatica and lower back pain but i am hopeful and will carry on using it.

When i removed the gel pad i thought i might have acquired a very sticky back but no residue was left behind or any stickiness to be found, the pads can be used many times over and you can purchase extra pads separately. Everything can be placed into the zip storage case afterwards so it keeps everything neat and dust free until your ready to use it again.

I can’t really fault it so have given top marks.

I have tested this on my neck, shoulder, upper arm and lower back and in my opinion it works really well with the increase in power being in small increments allowing me to find just the right setting for the targeted area.

I was keen to try this out on my hands as I suffer from arthritis mainly in my thumbs so have been using it daily on my hands with the smaller pad. I have been pleased with the results and found this has gradually helped lessen the pain I suffer during the day.

The pads are reusable up to 50 cycles and you can clean them off with a small amount of water when the adhesion starts to fail. Additional/replacement pads can be purchased for around £7 each.

Overall I have found this simple to use, and the adjustment is good and has a good variety of different modes for targeted areas, and it has a useful carry case to store everything. I found it did help to relive pain and relax tightened mussels and I was also pleased that it worked with and helped relive pain in my hands.

Ben Macman
Brilliant little device, good value for money!

This arrived in perfect condition In its own branded box. I
You get everything you need to start using this, and it also has a nice looking case to keep it in.
These devices work by sending pulses to your brain before the pain messages reach there (or something like that) and you control it by a touch handheld device that allows you to select the right setting for your needs. The pulse that gets sent feels like an electric shock, so it's best to start off at the lowest level . It's a lot of trial and error until you learn which levels are best for your needs.
It's really worth sticking at it until you find your ideal settings.
The patches that you put on your skin will need replacing at some point.

Excellent for pain relief

I use the Therapy Pad and it is amazing. I use it on a daily basis. It alleviates the pain in my hip I have suffered from for three years. My husband used it for a painful elbow and he now has no pain.
I thoroughly recommend the Therapy Pad.
Always very quick with replacement pad delivery. So glad I found this.

Ben H
Fantastic product!

When I feel a slight pain emerging I use this machine and keeps the muscles from stiffening up, using daily since I bought it and will most likely buy again as a back up. I would highly recommend this item