Neck Helper™ Traction Pillow | Neck Stretcher & Shoulder Relaxer

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The Neck Helper™ Traction Pillow helps to support the correct posture of the cervical vertebra, effectively eliminating neck fatigue and stiffness. Resting in comfort for 10 minutes can release stress and tension quickly and effectively.

A simple and effective way to soothe a stiff neck, helping restore the proper cervical curvature associated with poor posture.

Stretch, Relax and Massage.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Gary T
Instant results for me.

I tried this for the first time yesterday for 10 mins and much to my surprise it actually does work.
I have a lots of shoulder to neck pain which in turn goes up the side of my neck gives quite bad stress type neck headaches, this is daily for me.
After getting up this morning and having a light breakfast I tried it again and it took away the tightness, stress tension I get in my neck once again.
The relief lasted a couple of hours but I intend using this regularly now and hopefully over a few weeks it will provide longer term relief.
I am so pleased I tried this.
If you suffer from neck pain or shoulder and neck pain combined as I do, this product is well worth a try, it is working for me.
£29.99 is a bargain if it helps you.

Josh K
It’s helping so far

I had a back and neck injury from work and I just wasn’t the same afterwards

I’ve tried alsorts to help with the pain and alignment of my spine and I started hunching a lot after the accident.

This takes a bit of time to get used to but after a few 5 min sessions I became more relaxed with it. I’ve now built up to 10 min still on the easier but but I feel I’m more upright and have less strain on my spine

It’s not a quick fix and I’m going to have to continue with this but I’m hopeful that it’s going to be a good improvement from what I was before I started using it.

Very pleased with this stretcher, absolutely what I need.

Cradles my neck very well. Thoughtfully designed because the foam is firm on the sides but softer in the middle where four indentations are. It allows me to spend longer than 5 minutes using it.
I’m so happy that someone actually improved the design and changed the density in the right places.
Simple improvement but makes a huge difference.

I use it frequently to release tension in my neck and between my shoulder blades.
During the working days in the office, the stiffness builds up and feels very tight almost frozen in one clump.

However, thanks to this neck stretcher after an 8-10 minute session of lying on the floor with it under my neck, the tightness steadily released.

Joe S
Helps if used regularly

This is a very useful product and is much needed especially nowadays with necks and shoulders getting lots of strain with device use and poor posture.

This is rigid and can be used in two ways, one which gives a lighter stretch and the other which stretches more.

It definitely helps but probably needs to be used regularly over some time to start providing benefits. You need to only use it a few minutes everyday. The stretching does ease pressure on the neck and reduces aches and stiffness.

It can seem pricey for a piece of plastic but with the benefits it provides it becomes cheaper than going to a chiropractor or Physio. Overall it is helpful.

Valerie Thompson
Good support

This does work well and helps after afew uses. It took me some time to get use to it but it gives some relief to neck and head. Good product overall