Neck Helper™ | Award Winning Neck Brace

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Our award-winning Neck Helper™ has been developed and designed in conjunction with the London Spine Clinic, Harley Street to provide all the support of a traditional neck brace, with added comfort and discreetness. 

Neck Brace Support


By taking the weight of your head off your neck and shoulders, our neck brace gives any damaged soft tissue and aching muscles the time they need to recover. It also helps to improve posture by correctly aligning your head with your neck.

 Provides neck support 

 Improves forward head posture 

 Relieves cervical pain and tension 


NYLON STRUCTURE: to feel cooler and less constricting 
FULLY ADJUSTABLE STRAP: with an easy to use velcro fastener 
CUSHIONED PADDING: on both chin and chest area 

LOW PROFILE: wear it under or over your clothes 

Neck Posture Brace

It is practically invisible when worn under even a t-shirt. And due to the hypoallergenic, breathable material, you can wear it for hours without even knowing it's there.

The only thing you will notice is that your neck posture has improved and you feel more supported while doing everyday tasks.

Neck Brace London Spine Clinic

Designed in conjunction with experts at the London Spine Clinic Harley Street

The Neck Brace won the iF design award for most innovative products, changing the concept of the traditional clunky foam collars to becoming the most discreet and stylish neck support on the market. 

Neck Brace Before And After

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Customer Reviews

Based on 33 reviews
Highly recommended!

My gran has had a problem with her neck for a while and she has been complaining of neck pain and headaches. I told her to start using a brace and bought her this one. She loves it 😃 she wears it every night whilst watching TV before bed and she doesn’t get the pain anymore and the headache. I said she should have got one years ago ! She finds it really lightweight and comfortable and is a very happy user. Highly recommended and well done to the company !!

Overall would recommend - great neck support

Great product for neck support and improving neck posture. Arrived quickly, the packaging looks professional. Comfortable to use for a couple hours, after that I’d suggest taking a break from using the product until your neck muscles get used to it. Overall would recommend.

Luella Trejo
Great product!

Received my order today, thank you very much. That was really fast. I like your product. Its exactly what I needed to help with a fractured neck and bad posture. It's comfortable and cooler than a C Collar. Thanks again.

Overall I am happy with my Neck Brace!

I have known about my bad posture for a while but I started to get neck pain which sometimes triggered my migraines so I really had to do something. I also have one of those harnesses which pulls my shoulders back (and I'm surprised how well it works) so I wear them together. I have never worn a traditional foam brace but it seemed obvious that I would get hot and sweaty with one, and that it wouldn't be as rigid as this one. So in spite of the cost I went for it.

Overall I am pleased. It was irritating to wear at first but I guess that's not surprising. It certainly stops my head dipping and after only 1-2 weeks I had less pain and less tension. As noted this might have also been due to the shoulder harness. After 4 weeks I am definitely finding that my postures is changing and I'm not always wearing one or both of them, but it might be months before my bad habit disappear completely (I hope).


Recovering from a broken neck and given this as a transition product after being allowed to remove my surgical brace. Excellent product, and such a massive help with the recovery of neck muscle strength and mobility.