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Importance and Benefits of Posture Chair

Importance and Benefits of Posture Chair

While working at your office or home workstation, comfort is a priority. Strained backs, painful shoulders, or stiff neck muscles can leave you distracted, thus adversely affecting your productivity. Fortunately, the science of ergonomics is evolving to provide solutions to support correct posture and alleviate back pain. One such solution is a posture chair providing lumbar support. In this guide, we'll discuss everything you need to know about lumbar support. Let's get started!  

What Is Lumbar Posture Support And How It Functions?

The lumbar spine represents your lower back region. It encompasses five vertebrae located between the diaphragm and sacrum of your pelvis. Lumbar support can be a supportive structure or posture corrector that focuses on maintaining the correct, comfortable positioning of your lower back (lumbar region). Throughout the day, your lower back needs to bear the pressure of your upper body, which can put substantial strain on your vertebral structures. With incorrect spinal alignment, this strain can increase exponentially. Even regular tasks like driving your car, relaxing on your couch for watching a movie, or sitting on the office chair can chronically damage the fragile lumbar vertebral structure. Curble Chair UK can prevent this damaging effect on your lower spine. Lumbar support has specific structures that collaboratively function to limit the strain on your lower back. This keeps you comfortable in any activity that you engage in. A curble chair can be placed on any office chair, car seat, the backrest of your bed or couch. The best part? You can even carry it along while camping in any remote location. The portability, lightweight construction, and reduced cost make it a much more valuable option than an in-built, immobile lumbar support. Buy back support for the chair, designed with breathable, hypoallergenic fabrics. Such fabrics facilitate airflow and encourage adequate heat dissipation, thus preventing heat build-up in your back, which might cause discomfort and perspiration.  

Functioning Of Posture Chair

The human spine has a natural alignment and curvature. Lumbar support fundamentally focuses on maintaining this alignment. Without proper support and cushioning of your lower back, you're more prone to slouching when you sit. Over a prolonged period, this incorrect posture can translate into postural aches and discomfort. The muscle stiffness and pressure imbalances put you at the risk of injuries to the back structures, including muscles, nerves, or vertebral discs. Curble Chair UK is exclusively crafted to support the natural curvature of your lumbar spine, minimizing discomfort and the risk of injuries.  

Is Lumbar Support Necessary For Your Spinal Condition?

Whether you're working from a home workstation, remote location or in an office setup, maintaining long-term health should be your priority. Lumbar support for the office chair is one of the best interventions to achieve the health goals of your lumbar structure. But is it really necessary? Let's take a glance at the UK health statistics:
  • According to the data presented by the Office of National Statistics in 2018, an estimated 141.4 million working days were lost because of sickness or injury. On average, that equals more than 4 days per worker.
  • Muscle-skeletal concerns were the second most common reason for sickness absence after minor illnesses in 2018. This was equivalent to 19.7% of the total cases of illnesses. Back pain contributed to a considerable portion of those injuries.
  • Another workplace health survey conducted in 2017 highlighted that sickness-related illnesses led to a financial expenditure of £77.5 billion (on the UK economy) in that year.
Quality posture corrector online can help reduce your chronic back pain caused by improper posture while sitting.  

How To Sit With Curble Lumbar Support?

  • Position your Curble posture support 10cm-15cm away from the backrest of your regular chair, couch, or backrest of your bed.
  • Secure the curble posture chair with both your hands and sit with your hip positioned deep to the end.
  • Your entire upper body weight naturally pushes your waist and instantly corrects your posture.

Benefits Curble Posture Correct Online?

  • The curble chair has a simple design that is easy to use, features a lightweight structure, and provides portable posture support.
  • Extra comfort and convenience with dual structure cushion & fabric
  • Features ergonomic structure specifically engineered to support up to 140kg.
  • Designed with a 35-degree optimum angle to accurately support your back
  • Enables correct spinal alignment, reducing pressure on the lower back (lumbar spine) by 30%
Enjoy a pain-free back after a long day at work!