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How to improve your golfing performance using the Posture Hero™

How to improve your golfing performance using the Posture Hero™

Luke Murray, professional golfer at Llannerch Park Golf, North Wales was keen to demonstrate to his members how important posture is to your swing and in turn your game of golf.

“Swing mechanics is key when you are looking to improve your game” comments Luke. “Your posture plays an integral part in this and is hugely important in how you swing, how you rotate around the ball and how you feel.” After reading Luke’s posts and articles on posture in golf, here at Back Pain Help we were keen for him to try our award winning Posture Hero™, which is specifically designed to improve your posture, prevent slouching and align your spine.

“As a coach I am regularly asked how I can help people to hit their ball further. My answer is always to tell them to think about their posture” continues Luke. “I was therefore more than happy to try the Posture Brace, as it would allow for our members to see the benefits to their game, which can be achieved by simply improving their posture”

Luke and Steve Mueller, owner of Llannerch Park Golf club, tested the Posture Hero™ for 3 weeks and they were thrilled with the results that they saw!

When trying it with one of his female members Luke said “Instantly, as soon as the brace was on, I could see that she was standing up taller”. The brace allows for you to benefit from the correct posture without you having to think about it. In doing this, you can concentrate more on your game whilst knowing that your posture is covered.”

Following on from the trial, Steve and Luke are keen to recommend this product to their members. In addition, they are keen to see the ongoing improvements which we are making to this product, to ensure that it’s comfortable, and adaptable for all.

“Good posture is essential for golf. Without a good posture you will never achieve your true capability and in the long run you can suffer from pain and discomfort brought on through poor posture” comments Steve.

“The Posture Hero™ should be considered by all golfers, at every level, to not only help them improve their performance but to also relieve those aches and pains which can be brought on through a long day on the course”.

Another way we can improve posture is just by standing! Harvard and Columbia University showed in a study that individuals who stood more compared to individuals that sat down improved their posture by up to 45%.

Here at Back Pain Help we have a range of products with wellness in mind, with an extensive range including both posture and pain relieving products.