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How to fit the Posture Hero™

How to fit the Posture Hero™

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Here are the Experts’ Views on How to Wear a Posture Brace

Lynda Fairly | Co-founder of Numlooker Says,

Follow these to wear posture braces:
  • Loosen and unhook or velcro all the adjustable straps and attachments.
  • Standing against a wall would be a great decision while wearing these braces as you need to stand up straight, precisely, in your best posture.
  • After standing in the best posture, put that brace on and tighten the straps so that you can feel slight tightness or tension against your body. However, you can wear the brace on top of a shirt for enhanced comfort.
Correcting a bad posture could take approximately a few days to many months. Your posture took a long time to achieve; hence, it will take some time to correct. While using a posture brace you will start feeling the results in 10-15 minutes on your back. If you’re wondering if a posture brace can help bring your shoulders back, the answer might discourage you. It doesn’t reinforce the muscles in the upper back or the back of the neck. Therefore, while it may help after you put it on, but after you take it off, your shoulders will go to their previous posture right away, meaning to their earlier rounded state.    

Brett Edmunds | Chiropractor At Paramount Health Says,

To wear a posture brace, you will need to put it on like a backpack. The brace should be worn high on your back, and the straps should be tightened so that the brace is snug against your body. Make sure that the brace is comfortable, and do not wear it for too long at first. You can gradually increase the amount of time that you wear the brace.  

Does posture really help to correct the poor posture?

Yes, posture braces are designed to support your back and neck, which can help you maintain a better position. If you have poor posture, it can make your back and neck hurt. A good posture brace should support the muscles around your spine to prevent more damage to this area of your body.