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Neck Braces: The New Generation Neck Support

Neck Braces: The New Generation Neck Support

Neck pain has been one of the most common heath issues we find nowadays. Our hectic lifestyles and long sitting hours in the offices take a toll on our bodies, especially on the neck, shoulders, and back. When you end up hurting your neck, doctors may ask you to wear neck braces that prevent neck movement for some days until healing.

Neck Brace: When it’s Used

When it comes to using neck braces, there are three prominent reasons when you need to wear a neck brace:


  • The first reason is to relieve any neck pain. When you wear a neck brace, it will completely shut down the neck movement and support the neck to handle your head's weight. Soft tissues in your neck area will start the healing process.
  • When you have undergone spinal neck surgery, the doctor will ask you to wear a neck brace to keep your neck bones in line during the healing process.
  • If you are a victim of any serious injury, doctors might recommend a neck brace until any possible injuries to the neck can be evaluated.


Sometimes, along with a neck brace, doctors might also suggest you wear a back posture brace to support your core.

Neck Brace: Wear and Care

There are many types of neck braces available in the market. You can choose from any of them as per your doctor's advice or your preference. There are one-piece, soft wraparound collars to typically rigid braces available with pads and supported by hard plastic. The doctor will suggest you a semi-rigid plastic brace or a soft cervical collar depending on the injury and the length of time of recovery. Doctors will also explain to you how to fit the neck brace in the neck. So that you can easily remove and wear it again during the cleaning process.

A New Generation Neck Supporter:

If you are looking for a neck brace that is discreet, convenient and comfortable to wear, Neck Helper by Backpainhelp is the ideal choice for you. It is an award-winning neck supporter that is sleek and stylish in design and offers superior support to your neck. In addition to that, it also improves your posture and relieves any neck pain that is irritating you. Designed by the experts, this neck support device functions similarly to all other traditional neck support devices, while improved comfort and convenience. It is the best modern, new generation and the lightest neck supporter that offers the best value for the money. You can wear it inside your shirt and it is a totally discreet device. No one would be able to know that you are wearing a neck supporter device. It has been designed with experts the London Spine Clinic, Harley Street.

How Does the Neck Supporter Work?

The working methodology of the neck helper is simple. It just takes off the weight of your head off your neck and spine. Additionally, it also offers time to any soft damaged tissue to recover, while keeping your head up straight and neck movement restricted. If you are feeling any pain or discomfort, this new-generation neck supporter will ensure pain relief while improving posture in the neck and upper back. It also has a fully adjustable strap and simple Velcro fastening for comfort and convenient in wearing. It also has cushioned padding on chin and chest area for added comfort. The new-generation neck supporter was conceptualized and developed after years of research and development with its flexi-core spokes which can be moulded to tighten or loosen the neck brace as per an individual’s preference. It was awarded “most innovative product” at IF DESIGN AWARD 2016 for its unique design and comfort. Unlike other neck braces available in the market, this neck support is not clunky, uncomfortable and inconvenient. It has helped over 500,000 people across USA, UK and Europe to get rid of neck and upper back pain.


A neck brace has some unmatched advantages when you have suffered from any head or neck injury. It speeds up the recovery time and also protects critical organs of the body from damages. All you need to do is choose the correct neck braces for you in case of such injuries. A modern, new-generation neck supporter is lightweight, sleek and sturdy that improves your posture and give relief from your neck or upper back pain. Just order it now and stay healthy and comfortable.

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