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How to relieve knots in your shoulders and back

How to relieve knots in your shoulders and back

A knot – or myofascial trigger point - is a tight section in the muscle. There is still a lot of debate in the literature and a single cause has not been found. However clinically we all know we get tight and tender spots in our muscles when they are working hard or are used a lot.

Myofascial trigger points have a special property called ‘referred pain’ which means a trigger point in one muscle can create pain in another area.

Besides lactic acid build-up, researchers also highlight that static postures can cause knots due to the prolonged contraction of muscle fibres. A knot forms when a muscle goes into spasm and then stays stuck in this tense state.

When a muscle stays flexed and tense, it becomes painful. The size of a knot will vary depending on the number of muscle fibres involved. In such circumstances, you can get rid of such knots by wearing an Electric muscle stimulator which has been very useful in such cases. 

How To Relieve The Pain Of Knotted Muscles

Deep tissue massage is highly effective at easing tense muscles and relieving pain. Massage has been shown to increase the blood flow to a muscle and therefore oxygen flow increases to the area and takes away waste products. The benefits can last for an hour after the massage and spread to adjacent areas too.

You can easily target the areas of pain yourself with our Dual Action Roller massager at Back Pain Help. Some users have even described it as ‘like having a physio in your hands’.

Designed by experts at The London Spine Clinic, our patented massager will help alleviate and prevent pain in the shoulders and upper back by allowing you to apply pressure exactly where it is needed.

It’s been ergonomically designed to enable easy reach for the user who can give themselves deep tissue massage to loosen tense and knotted muscles.

What’s more, with a unique rollerball head, which can be used dry or switched to the prefilled massage head that dispenses massage lotion, the BACK massager can be effortlessly glided across the skin without any dragging or friction.

As well as relaxing the muscle fibres and releasing muscle knots, massage can also help release endorphins and other soothing chemical mediators that reduce anxiety, stress and pressure in the region.

Massage your back several times a day in order to train your muscles to relax or if you have several painful knots, visit a healthcare professional such as a physiotherapist or chiropractor.>

For the most effective release of tension and knotted muscles, you could also use heat compression in addition to massage, as the warmth will loosen your muscle fibres, reduce swelling and soothe your pain. As your pain lessens, you will be able to start exercising again, starting with gentle stretches and building up from there.

If your back muscles are hurting along with your shoulders and neck, you can go for a back muscle stimulator that will gently help relieve pain by addressing the concern. You will see the noticeable relief in just no time. 

Better still, try to avoid knots as much as possible. We will all get knots from time to time but little things like remaining hydrated and not hunching your back and shoulders at work or school will limit their frequency.

Here at Back Pain Help, we specialise in THERAPY PAD, Posture and Pain products designed to improve your well being. These muscle stimulator pads are highly effective and serve the core purpose brilliantly. They will give you instant relief from muscle knots and tensions in muscles

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