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How to protect yourself while driving with back pain

How to protect yourself while driving with back pain

There are many people who suffer from chronic back pain and spend hours on therapies and thousands on medication. According to pain management specialists, the best cure to back pain is maintaining a right posture. Thats why we have pulled together some top tips to keeping your posture in-check whilst driving!

Driving With Back Pain- What's The Problem?

Today’s fast-paced life, many people are suffering from back pain. Sitting for hours at a stretch in front of their computer, we often forget about our body and the stress it’s suffering from. It’s recommended that a person who sits for a long period mus­­t take short breaks to stretch out their muscles, but that is not always possible, due to increased distances, people everyday drive for hours on end to reach their workplaces.

Slouched in their car seats, eyes focused on the road; people pay little attention to their back. Very quickly they’ll start to experience that constant dull pain in their lower back and shoulders that make them shift in their seat.

The culprit is not the long hours of driving or extended sitting, but our faulty posture. There are many people who suffer from chronic back pain and spend hours on therapies and thousands on medication. According to pain management specialists, the best cure to back pain is maintaining a right posture.

What Can I Do About It?

The specialists at London Spine Clinic recommend Backboard™ as one of the best lumbar supports available in the market. Let’s look at some of the features of The Backboard™ that make it stand out.

Adjustable for all Seats: The Backboard™ is adjustable and that is its biggest advantage. You must have had experienced lumbar belts that stick into your skin and make you throw them away due to sheer discomfort. Then there are lumbar supports that are supposed to be attached to the car seats. But, after a few minutes, you realise that you are again slouching or having a difficulty conforming to the shape of your lumbar support because it’s just not meant for your body.

Bends with all Body Shapes: The Backboard™ bends with your body. Put the Backboard™ on your knee and apply a little pressure and you may conform it to the unique curve of your spine. Every human body is different and so is the curvature of their spine. The Backboard™ takes away your back pain as well as the pain to deal with a lumbar support that does not fit.

Best for Office Seats: The Backboard™ is your ultimate sitting companion in your car or your office. It relieves your spine off of unwanted pressure and trains your body to acquire natural posture. Right posture gradually relieves you off of that chronic and stubborn back pain without having to deal with medications and lengthy therapies.

Thus, it saves your time and money by working for you while you do your job at your desk or spend some quality time with your friends and family. Sitting for an extended period puts unnecessary strain on your back muscles. As they get tired, they fail to support the natural curve of your spine and your back bulges out. This leads to back pains and aches.

The overall posture of the body, whether it is while sitting, standing or lying down, is important. With a backache, it’s the lumbar region that needs special attention. Treatment of back pain while driving is as simple as getting a lumbar support, attaching it to your car seat and letting it correct your posture.

There is a range of products available in the market. Lumbar supports come in all size and shapes. Every support has its specifications, and it’s not one size fit all. It’s not a problem with the Backboard™. It’s super bendable and can be customised easily.

The Backboard™ is not only supporting your spine and lifts the weight off of it, but it also pushes your pelvis forward. This results in an even distribution of your weight on your muscles in various parts of your body. This supports your spinal curve even better and takes the strain off of your back.

The Backboard™ is highly recommended not only for its customisation but also for its lightweight and aesthetic appeal. It’s stylish and available in different colours of your choice.

It’s lightweight, and you can easily carry it wherever you go. With a simple back strap to keep it in place, it can be attached to any seat in the car, office, at home.

Backboard™, Your Ultimate Driving Companion

Driving with back pain is a real ordeal. At first, the pain might start off as a small irritation but by the end of the journey, it can turn into a raging pain. While driving you to have to use your back muscles often to use the steering wheel, and it puts your spine out of alignment. The Backboard™ reduces the stress on your lumbar spine, shoulder and neck muscles by reducing the distance between you and steering wheel.

It also helps to align your back against the back of your seat. The curve of your spine is supported, and your head can easily align on the top of your spine reducing stress on your neck muscles.

While driving one has to suffer from bumps and jerks along the road. The Backboard™ acts as a cushion between the seat and your body. Thus the Backboard™ absorbs shocks preventing them to transmit into your body. It prevents your spine as well as coccyx from strain and injury.

Doctors and pain specialists advice that any person driving for more than an hour should come out of the car and move their muscles after every 30 minutes. This helps with blood circulation and prevents muscle spasms. They also recommend adjusting your position in the seat now and then. The Backboard™ does not hinder your movements in the seat and supports your hamstrings that often get stiff due to prolonged driving.

Posture is very important for our overall health and body. The bones and the muscles make up our internal framework around which our body functions. The better our posture, the steadier and healthier is our body. Just like any other machine, our bodies need to remain aligned to work properly.

For more information on the Backboard, head on over to our Back Posture Shop in the link right here.

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