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Middle Back

One of the most common areas of back pain, the middle back, can be a real stopping block in life. If you get middle back pain when you bend forward, twist or lift, then you'll know exactly what we mean. However, we have teamed up with the worlds leading experts to bring you an award winning range of braces and supports to make sure that you no longer have to take pain-relieving drugs or live with the pain any longer. So whether you're looking to stop the pain or simply improve your posture to stand taller and more confident then you must checkout our truly life-changing products below and start your journey back to better health today!

Spine Aligners™

The BACK Spine Aligners™ have a 2° degree tilt that’s optimal for stabilising and aligning your feet. They control and support the arch back to a ‘neutral’ position, regaining the correct alignment leading to a better posture.

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Dual Action Massager

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Looking for central lower back products?

Sacroiliac Belt

The result of a revolutionary combination of design and science, our Sacroiliac Belt is so effective that over 90% of our customers testified that they loved their belts!
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