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Central Lower Back

Do you get constant pain in your central lower back when you sit down, lift or bend? Or even the occasional shooting pains down the leg? If so, we have just the solution for you! Our range of specialist designed, premium quality lower back supports and braces are designed to eradicate that never ending central lower back pain, and help you regain a healthy back once again!
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Spine Aligners™

BACK Spine Aligners™ have a 2° degree tilt that’s optimal for stabilising and aligning your feet. What these aligners do is control and support the arch back to a ‘neutral’ position, regaining the correct alignment leading to a better posture

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Backboard™ Mini

We've taken our revolutionary, award winning Backboard and made it better! Now more compact and easier to travel with. Stronger internal core construction and an additional high strength rear fastening strap allowing for use in exercising with, there's ne
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Sacroiliac Belt

The result of a revolutionary combination of design and science, we're proud to claim our Sacroiliac Belt as the best on the market. With industry leading design and development, it's easy to see why over 90% of our customers love their belts!
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