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Posture Cushion - Turn your Chair into a Fitness Ball!

Posture Cushion - Turn your Chair into a Fitness Ball!Posture Cushion - Turn your Chair into a Fitness Ball!
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What it can do for you

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Helps to correct poor seated posture and strengthen core muscles

We all know that sitting in one position for prolonged periods of time is bad for our health. The Posture Cushion overcomes this by encouraging active sitting and giving you a work out at the same time.

By destabilizing the sitting surface, your body is constantly working making micro movements (often unnoticed). In doing so it helps improve both balance and core stability as you core muscles work to keep the body upright.

Doing this everyday over a couple of weeks, you will begin to see a change in your posture and core strength.


Cushion Chair


As your body becomes accustomed to your improved natural strengthened abdominal and back muscles, you will no doubt feel better, as well as more confident and healthier. Over time you will find that you will retain this healthy seated posture, even when not using the cushion.

Posture Cushion

Cushion Features

By destabilizing the surface, our bodies are actively required to perform continuous micro-movements in order to balance and keep us upright. It's through this instability and movements that we gain strength in our core muscles. These core stability muscles are what provide our bodies with the postural support we need when sitting in order to retain a healthy spine and general back healthy. 

Six Colors Available

There are 6 fantastic cushion cover colors to choose from, all of which are made from a hypoallergenic fabric which is lightweight and breathable.This gives the user an enhanced sitting feel, while the breathable fabric ensures that it is airy and comfortable to sit on for prolonged periods. The covers are also a fantastic way of matching your cushion to your rooms decor, or for really standing out with that personal touch.


How to use the posture cushion

Cushion 1 1. The cushion is already pre-inflated to the correct level and is ready to use. Please note that the Posture Cushion is not designed to be fully inflated. This is to ensure that there is enough instability to encourage active sitting.
2. Place the cushion on a chair. If possible try and use a chair that does not have arms to avoid using these as supports.
Cushion33. Sit on the cushion and place your feet flat on the floor. The knees should be slightly lower than the hips, so adjust the height of your seat if necessary. We recommend using the cushion for 30 minute periods throughout the day, allowing your muscles time to relax.
Cushion 44. With Cushion: The Posture Cushion actively encourages you to sit upright in an improved posture. The pelvis is tilted forward, elongated and aligning the spine. Do not slouch while using the cushion as this will inhibit any strengthening of the postural muscles. 
Cushion 54b. Without Cushion: Without the posture cushion it is easy to slump into your chair, the spine curves round, putting pressure on your lower back and shoulder area. 

Cushion 65. The Posture Cushion destabilizes your sitting surface. Our body therefore is required to perform micro-movements in order to balance and keep ourselves upright.

6. It is through these movements that we strengthen the core stability muscles which provide us with the postural support we need when sitting. 

Recommended by the London Spine Clinic - Harley Street

Our Posture Cushion has been 100% recommended for use by The London Spine Clinic on Harley Street, London.

The London Spine Clinic is the number 1 private clinic in the UK specialising in back pain with a private client list including Olympic champions and a whole host of sports professionals.

Treating in excess of 10,000 patients a year it is in their expertise that the Posture Cushion is recommended as so to ensure that it corrects posture and provides support to key muscle groups when sitting. 


30 Day Money Back Guarantee

We believe that there is no better Posture Cushion on the market that can improve posture and relieve posture related pain.

But rather than take our word for it, try the Posture Cushion for 30 days to see for yourself how it can correct your posture and bring relief to your back problem.

Within 30 days, in the unlikely event you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase then you are fully protected by our Money Back Guarantee

All we ask is that you return the Posture Cushion in its original packaging and be careful to avoid any damage. Once we receive the item back into our office, we will process the refund for your item back to your original payment method.