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Sun, sea and sand vacation tips

May 25, 2016 / Field in: BPH2015

Sun, sea and sand travel tips Are you jetting away somewhere nice this summer? Summer is the season to hit the road and we all know that traveling can consist of many long hours of sitting. 88% of people who had flown within the last year reported that they had back or neck pain (or both) after their flight.

Whatever plans you have for this summer make sure that you are prepared for your journey by placing The Backboard™ at the top of your packing list. Designed in conjunction with the London Spine Clinic on Harley Street, The Backboard™ is lightweight, easy to store and flexible, so it’s able to move with you on your travels wherever you decide to go. Our design fits all chairs including airplane, train, coach and car seats. Our design also neatly fits into a standard size cabin bag and can be easily shaped and packed away in its original form making it easier for you to store.

Is the Backboard™ for me? Research has found that we now spend on average 13 hours a day sitting, whether that be at our desks, in our cars or on the couch. This figure is greatly increased when travelling. Adopting the correct seating position is the perfect antidote to postural stresses and here at Backpainhelp we know all too well that these stresses and niggles can be aggravated through travel, sitting in uncomfortable and cramped seats which offer you limited support.Happy family   going on holiday The problem, when sitting for long periods of time, is that you naturally begin to slump in your chair, pushing out the natural curve in your lower back and putting strain on the back muscles. The key is to prevent your lower back from slumping or sagging outwards and this is where the Backboard™ can help. Used to help correct postural imbalances, the Backboard™ simply slides into the back of your chair, supporting the natural inward curve. As it pushes your pelvis forward, this helps to put the correct curvature in your spine, encouraging you to sit upright in the correct position and improve your seated posture. By applying just a light pressure, the Backboard™ can be bent into the desired shape and reformed as often as needed and as it retains its form it's ideal for use whenever and wherever you need the support.

The Backboard™ chairbb

Back Board - $44.99

  • The Backboard™ in the colOr of your choice - Silver, Raspberry Pink, Blue, Black, Orange, Purple
  • Seat Strap

Back Board Plus + - $59.99

  • The Backboard™ in the color of your choice -Silver, Raspberry Pink, Blue, Black, Orange, Purple
  • Seat strap
  • 2 x cool pads
  • Cool pad sleeve

We want you to enjoy your trip! Here are some additional tips for travel whether in the car or on a plane.

  1. Pack lightly or ask for help carrying luggage if needed. If you have rolling luggage, that will be the least pain when transporting your luggage.
  2. Aim to get out of your seat every 40 minutes where possible to stretch and walk. Choosing an aisle seat is perfect access to getting in and out.
  3. Take a look at our exercises to see which you can do while traveling, depending on your area of pain.
  4. Drink plenty of water as dehydration can worsen back pain, especially if you have disc problems which will become worse if your discs are dehydrated.
  5. Avoid excess caffeine, as this can increase dehydration.
  6. Bring a cooler packed with ice packs to relieve pain on the road. If you need to ice your back, do so for no longer than 15 minutes at a time. Make sure there is a towel between the ice and your skin.
  7. Once you arrive at your destination keep active; go for a long walk and take in the sights of your new destination, Not only will it help you relax and familiarize yourself with your surroundings it will also allow for you to stretch of your muscles and release the built up pressure from travelling.

Finally, whatever you do this summer, from all of us here at Backpainhelp, we hope that you have a lovely time…
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