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THIS is the laptop stand I thought I was getting when I ordered the flimsier version

June 1, 2016 / Field in: BPH2015

By Eden Connor on March 31, 2016

Bac Portable Folding Table with Mouse Stand, Raspberry Pink

I mean, the design's inspired, so who didn't try one, only to find that the thing was made so cheaply, there was no way in h*ll anyone in their right mind would trust it to hold up an expensive laptop, amirite?

Rest easy, someone heard our cries.

As an author, I type for a living, all day, every day. And usually, half the night. It's a rare day when I'm not in front of my laptop for eighteen hours. So, sitting that long at my desk? No way, Jose. My bed is prime real estate. You can trust me when I say, I've tried every laptop stand on the market. And there's something to hate about all of them.

Either they're too narrow to go across an actual adult's hips, or they don't raise up to the perfect height. You're charged extra for stupid, narrow 'drawers' that don't add any real value, because, hello? The things you might store there are now under your machine. And do not get me started on the tiny, too- bright goose neck LED lights that snap off anyway and leave unsightly wires to snag the unwary after they make you go blind.

But a couple of years back, this design hit the market and I was sure it was 'the one'. Uh, no. The concept was ingenious.but alas, the execution sucked. Until now.

This is the laptop stand I've been searching for. Every design flaw has been addressed and cured. Sturdy legs, and I swear to God, I think they're made from some kind of metal.

The easy-to- lock joints are definitely metal-- bright, shiny metallic joints that still offer 360 degree flexibility, but don't take the strength of Superman to depress a button. Just slide the open circle below the joint to one side, adjust (the degrees are embossed and the numbers and letters are painted black, so you'll have confidence that the stand comes up level). Once the joint is where you need it, just slide the ring back over the leg to lock.

Boom. Curl up in your comfort zone and get busy! No jumping when I type. (I'm typing this review with my laptop on my new stand!) No wiggling from side to side. No need to press down with my forearms to hold the stand still. No hunching uncomfortably, thanks to legs that're too short for my torso. And no aching back.

One of the best features of this product was tacked on as an afterthought in the product description: The matching mouse pad is INCLUDED.

I know just what my writing buddies are getting for Christmas. ^.^

Thank you, Handsome, Ltd. for bringing this product to Amazon. I'm one happy writer.

So happy that the character I intended to kill might get a second chance after all. (Not joking!) Treat yourself. You won't regret buying your LAST laptop stand.