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How Hot and Cold Therapy Can Help You

March 16, 2016 / Field in: BPH2015

Do you know about the benefits of hot and cold therapy?

Hot and cold therapy has been used for centuries to help relieve pain. Both can be used as effective drug free pain relief for many injuries and ailments. Hot and cold therapy can be used separately, or together, one after the other.*



What can hot and cold therapy treat?
• Joint pain, including arthritis
• Muscle strains and sprains
• Soft tissue injuries
• Sciatica

When to use hot and cold therapy:
Cold therapy slows circulation and is commonly used immediately after an injury. It is often used to:
• Reduce swelling
• Ease pain

Heat therapy increases blood flow. It has many therapeutic benefits and is used to:
• Reduce joint stiffness
• Ease pain
• Relieve muscle spasms
• Help you relax
In some cases it may help to rotate hot and cold therapy. For some this can provide additional pain relief and help to relax the muscles.

How can we help?
At bac<, our Heat and Cool Pads can be bought and used with 5 of our pain relief products.

Back Brace
The Back Brace comes with included Cool Pads which are easily slotted into the pockets within the brace. Heat Pads are available separately and can be slotted into the same pockets.

Neck Brace
Our Neck Brace comes with a small pouch which can be attached to the back of the Neck Brace. The included Cool Pad can be slotted into this. Heat Pads are available separately.

Shoulder Brace
The Shoulder Brace not only helps to correct posture, but can also help to relieve pain often caused by poor posture. The Shoulder Brace allows you to place Heat or Cool Pads (sold separately) into a pair of sleeves which can then be attached to the Shoulder Brace anywhere on the straps or spine.

Sacroiliac Belt
The Sacroiliac Belt can provide pain relief for SI Joint problems, and in some cases relieve pain caused by Sciatica- as experienced by our customers. The Sacroiliac Belt can also provide additional drug free pain relief with hot and cold therapy (sold separately). The Sacroiliac Belt Therapy Pack allows you to place Heat or Cool Pads into a pair of sleeves which can then be attached anywhere along the Sacroiliac Belt, providing you with targeted pain relief.

Backboard Plus (back support)
As with our Backboard Light, the Backboard Plus provides great support and comfort for your back, while helping to improve your seated posture. The Backboard Plus however, is perfect for those who also experience some aches and pains when seated. The Backboard Plus includes a pair of our Cool Pads and a sleeve/pouch to help hold these in place on the Backboard. The Cool Pads (or Heat Pads, available separately) help to relieve pain and discomfort.
Heat Pads (Suitable for Back Brace, Neck Brace or Backboard)
Cool Pads (Suitable for Back Brace, Neck Brace or Backboard)

*Remember to never to use hot or cold packs directly on the skin; both can burn you. Do not use hot or cold therapy on skin that is broken or sore, or any areas that you have loss of sensation. If you are ever unsure about using hot or cold therapy speak to a professional before use. Hot and cold therapy should be used for no longer than 20 minutes at a time.