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Back Pain Help in the News!

November 18, 2016 / Field in: BPH2015

tv Here at Back Pain Help (U.S), we have had great opportunities to spread the word of our innovative products around the country. We were recently featured on Colorado's Best FOX 31 Denver, Channel 2 for Technology Day with Joana Canals and Paula Haddock. Our Backboard and our Posture Stand were chosen for this special theme on the show. The Posture Stand was also starred on Indianapolis WISH-TV, Channel 8 for Gadgets and Gear with helpful benefits with Tracy Forner and David Novak, “The Gadget Guy". Take a look at the videos below from both shows.


Posture Stand - Perfect for laptops, notebooks,books and more! It helps you work in the optimum position to promote spinal alignment and good posture.


Backboard Chair or Car Lumbar Support (with strap) - A simple, adjustable lumbar support that helps to improve posture and restore the natural inward curve of the spine when seated.